Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Heavy Rain + Lots of Cars = 06/06/06

What is it about KL and traffic congestions? Is it the lack of roads? The volume of vehicles? The attitude of the drivers? I suppose its a killer combo of all that and more. Roadworks, rain, faulty lights, blah blah blah.... and more rain, and more roadworks, blah blah..

And I had to get caught in one of 'em jammies on Tun Razak yesterday evening. It was pouring and every damn fella behind the wheel was impatient in gettin home (incl yours truly). Some to catch the 7pm show. Some to have a quickie with their mistress. And others like me with more basic needs, get food into the tum-tum.

Visibility was poor. Bikes were weaving in and out. I was having real trouble concentrating on the road and whipping out my trusty camera phone at the same time. Haha... started snapping away at the cars and shops. Just too bad I couldn't get the pained expressions of the other drivers caught in the crawl.

At times, it was just plain standstill. Time seemed like eternity.

And when we got started again, we inevitably stopped after 15 metres. And start, and stop. And start and stop. Another 3 metres. And another 5. And stop. Took me all of 1 hr; 13 mins; 21 secs to reach the Kesas exit from KLCC carpark.

I was finally relieved to be able to step on the gas, when out of no f@#%ing where, this f@#%ing dude cuts into the lil f@#%ing space right in front of me. Brakes slam, horn honks, curse flows. F@#%ing dude swerved again in front of me as if to f@#%ing taunt me and cuts into the other lane. Had a good mind to chase him down and f@#%ing slap him silly, but a grunting tummy means getting home pronto takes priority.

I don't f@#%ing give a damn who you are. We all have a home to go back to. Not just you.


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