Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Story of my Holiday

Thank you Sultan for having your birthday today. I dunno how much you enjoyed your day, but I sure as hell enjoyed mine!! Why dun you decree that you have a birthday every month? Enjoy la sikit, then we dun need to work so much.... ehek.

Woke up to a fabulous morning. Not too sunny, no rain, just the right degree of cloudiness. Breakfast(ed) with J before she left for work (yea, it sucks working in KL) and I spent the rest of the early part of the morning reading papers and browsin the net... ran some errands and ended up in a shopping mall in Subang before lunch.

And since I was hungry, I proceeded to buy meself a pair of Teva's. Errr... that doesn't sound right. But that's what I did anyway... hahaha... My first pair of Teva's and I'm wearing them while blogging now... kakakkaa... feel sooo comfortable, oh sooo comfortable.. eat your heart out crocs.

Teva Hurricane 3 - Manzanita Sage

Pretty solid built with 12 months warranty

They're gonna be adorning my weary feet as I traipse all over Gold Coast and Brisbane next week.... Yeah!

Came home and with the weather lookin real fine, decided to strap on my helmet and tights and ride to Bukit Tinggi (the Klang one la... not the Pahang one siut..) and back. But 'fore that, had to do a pit stop at the bike shop to adjust my derailleur and pump both tires (prolly my heavy ass keeps squeezing the air out of the tires). Bike lane on Kesas Highway is pretty low traffic and I had a moderately tiring (to the quads) ride to Bukit Tinggi interchange and back... Prolly 25kms or so I think...

After putting the bike away, gulped down 2 glasses of watertonic (water + isotonic) and stripped myself naked. In the house of course. I proceeded to put on my swim trunks, and jumped into the pool (not from my balcony la dei..) and did a couple of laps. Couple means quite a few also la... lost count. Saja saja enjoy the pool cos the weather was soooo good.

...... And then as if to spite me.... it started to drizzle... and the drizzle became a DRIZZLE... then it became heavier... had to get out and go back upstairs...

Showered, put on a pair of old-man boxers, slurped down a banana and started switching on me laptop... then I started blogging about my day ... And that is the story of my holiday... up to now la.... THE END.


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