Thursday, November 15, 2007

12 Hour Penang International Walk

Less than 10 days away... and I'm not even ready yet... Sure been doin some running and gym work, but walking non-stop is a whole different ball game altogether.. I mean leg game..

I have had some impromptu and unofficial training sessions via 5-6 hours shopping sprees with J, but that has been more of concentrating on stuff to buy, chicks to check out, etc.. This is gonna be more of a mental challenge than a physical one to me, cos walking in 1.078km loops for 12 hours is gonna take some serious serious bloody serious concentration.
On top of that, I'm gonna be doin it when everybody's asleep. And the sky is dark. And quiet.

Yeap, the international endurance walkathon starts at 8pm Sat night, 24/11 and ends at 8am Sun morn, 25/11. Its gonna be looping round the esplanade, Penang and I'm quietly hoping and praying there's some hot chick in micro mini pants to take away the boredom. Ehek.. ..

My target: not to trip, fall and make an ass of meself. Anything other than that is a bonus.

And boss, if you're reading this, I might need to take MC on the 26th. And maybe the 27th too.


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