Friday, December 28, 2007

The Year That Was....

Wow. 3 days to the end of 2007.

Another chapter of my book of life is closing. It has been a quite above-average book so far, but chapter 2007 was at best, I believe, mundane. Not really the page-turner or roller-coaster ride I had expected at the beginning of the chapter, but nonetheless sprinkled with some highlights that would deem it mildly spicy and deliciously entertaining and some continuous pages of stuff akin to watching paint dry...

The author would like to take this opportunity however, to thank the contributors to this book, with main main contributor J taking the biggest plaudits for always being there and constantly spicing and peppering up the book.

This book of life is probably 1/3 on the way to closure and epilogue and here's hoping the chapters to come will be filled with excitement and twists and surprises. Good ones that is. This book is rated 'U' remember? Its also suitable for kiddies and beginner readers, with a feel good theme thru-out...

Closing chapter 2007, I would like to recap some of the highlights of the 365 pages that have just been turned, and they are listed in no particular order...

1. Visiting Gold Coast / Brisbane / Suburbs. Lovely. Enlightening.
2. Walking for 12 hours straight. Walking thru the pain.
3. Spending my 1st CNY with in-laws. A home away from home.
4. Running seriously. My own time and space.
5. Stepping into the dark dank bottomless pit that is Facebook.
6. Getting a raise. Twice. And a promotion. Its worth working for good bosses.
7. Stupidly getting cupping therapy. The reminder is still there. Ear candling was way breezier.
8. Catching Transformers and 300. "This IS Sparta!!" Stupendous.
9. Shaved my legs. Both of them. Clean.
10. Survived the 1st year of marriage. Intact. And hoping for endless years to come. Till this book ends.

So readers, come with me into chapter 2008 and enjoy the rest of the book with me!!!



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