Monday, July 03, 2006

Bulge Wars - Episode 3

The battle of the bulge enters its midway-point with B's* morale still going strong. As my very good fren, I can vouch that B* is cutting carbs, fat and sugar from his diet on a consistently consistent basis. I say kudos to him for keeping it up!! You should too.

B's* midway-point

To keep B motivated, you can do your part by donating some monetary motivation by calling toll-free number 011-N0-m0r3-f4t-4ever-1 and asking for B's* private account number. Any amount donated is appreciated, but the higher the figure, the higher the appreciation and motivation. You can help reduce the number of obesities by 1. Just do it.

P/S: I started my new job today. Damn bloody new HQ looks like a 5-star resort! I'm sure as well gonna enjoy my stay there. Yippee yay yay!


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