Thursday, March 20, 2008

2hrs 55mins 16secs

.... Thats the amout of time it took me to cycle 30km, run 10km and swim 875m this morning.

On a slow, cool slightly dark morning when most people would be sleeping in, I woke just before the alarm clock went off at 5:35am. By 6:15am I was out the door into the early dawn, with streetlights and the occasional motorist for companionship.

Biking in the half-darkness calls for acute senses and a lot of anticipation. Potholes, puddles, errant motorists, bumps, stray dogs... the hazards are endless... Well, to cut the ride short, it was pretty eventless, save for getting lost in some deserted industrial area that I stumbled on and losing about 4 mins looking for my rear light after it popped out when I hit a pothole... Time taken to kau tim the 30km on wheels: 1:06:49, with an average speed of 26.9km/h and max speed of 45.6km/h.

Transition 1: 0:05:27 was spent taking my bike up to my condo unit, parking it, changing into my running shorts, lubbing my inner thigh, grabbing a cereal bar, water bottle and running shoes and going back down.

The first 3km of my run was hard until I managed to get into my stride and rhythm... after that it was all mental and some slight discomfort in my left calf. Engaged an elderly man (who is an avid runner) in some light conversation...

Elderly man (EM): Hi.. training for the KLIM? What are you running?
ME: Sort off.. I'm doing the half. What about you? You running full?
EM: Supposed to do 10km, but cheng meng la..
ME: Oh yea hor..
EM: So how much you running today?
ME: Just finished cycling, so gona just do 10km today, then later go for swim.
EM: Oh... joining the Ironman huh?
ME: Haha... 3 years later maybe la.. haha..
EM: Yea... that's a tough one huh...
ME: No kidding..
EM: OK... catch up some other time...

Timed my 10km run at 1:02:37 averaging >6min/km...

Transition 2: 0:05:56 took me back upstairs, changed into my swimming trunks, grabbed a glass of water, my goggles and went back down into the pool...

Swimming was just monotonous.... back and forth.. back and forth in the pool... I could feel my quads and calf tightening up and therefore I wasn't pushing as hard as I think I could... Finished the 875m thrashing about in 0:34:27...

Estimated total calories burned? Close to 2000 calories. This calls for some foodie-down-my-tummy celebration... Hehe..

Went back upstairs and found J reading... took a shower, and out we went for breakfast... Chee cheong fun with rendang chicken, glass of soya bean and a bowl of bubur cha cha... fuiyoh.

And by the way, don't think of it as torturous. I actually find it fun. And thats the way I would ACTUALLY like to spend my holiday.


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