Tuesday, September 02, 2008

2008 Goals Update (August)

Rocketing Sprocketing Wocketing month...

2008 Goals:
Distance To Run: 1168km
Races To Run: 6 Half Marathons
Weight To Lose: 6 kgs

What I've Done:
Distance Run: 943km
Races Done: 10
- KL Int Towerthon
- KLIM Half Marathon
- BHP Orange Run
- Shoe String Run
- NB Klang Pacers Half Marathon
- NB Pacesetters 15km Run
- Port Dickson Internation Half Marathon
- Adidas King Of The Road
- Merdeka Unity Run
- Seremban Half Marathon
Weight Lost: 3 kg

What's Left To Do:
Distance To Go: 225km
What's Left To Race: 1 Half Marathon
What's Left To Lose: 3 kgs (Macam damn hard to lose the last 3 kgs!!!)

Am I On Track?
Unless there's another half-marathon race in the Klang Valley, I doubt I'll be able to do total of 6 x 21km races this year...


At 7:52 PM, Anonymous Cheong said...


I dont loose weight easily but gain very fast.

I started jogging 8 months ago and managed to loose 15Kgs (BMI of 28 to 23) during the period.

I did not join as many races as you did. However, I have been consistently training my jogs 5 times a week with a weekly mileage of between 63km to 90km. I notice that a balance meal with emphasis to fruits and vege makes a lot of difference in bringing the weight down. Also carbo intake should coincide with your aerobic activity needs. Hope this helps.

At 1:47 PM, Blogger CapArnabBrand said...

Thanks dude!! And keep it up!


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