Saturday, August 23, 2008

42.195km / 26 miles 385 yards

My marathon training officially starts tomorrow. At the Seremban Half Marathon (SHM). In Seremban obviously. And what am I aiming for?? The KL International Marathon (KLIM) 2009, expected in February or March 2009. That will be my 1st marathon and will allow me to strike it off my life's to do list (on my sidebar)...

.... Its a great deal of sacrifice and also effort put in to train to run 42kms non-stop... Imagine running from Klang to KL city centre.... or Teluk Intan towards Bidor and going on straight some more.. Seriously its no joke...

And to keep this training a secret and not to divulge too much of tactics and strategies... I'll just say that my initial phase training shall consist of building mileage, burning fat, increasing endurance and cross-training.

And for tomorrow's SHM, I shall not be running it as a race. The certificate is not my priority. The medal is not my priority. The cut-off time is not my priority. My priority is to finish the run together with my buddy Plum. Its gonna be his 1st half-marathon and I will be with him the whole way. We'll cross the finish line together, buddy. Thanks for coming along. I really appreciate it.

And my priority after tomorrow's SHM?



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