Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008 Goals Review

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 People!!!!

A quick review of my 2008 goals shows that I didn't fare too badly in what I set out to do...

2008 Goals:
Distance To Run: 1168km
Races To Run: 6 Half Marathons
Weight To Lose: 6 kgs

What I've Done:
Distance Run: 1426km
Races Done: 15
- KL Int Towerthon
- KLIM Half Marathon
- BHP Orange Run
- Shoe String Run
- NB Klang Pacers Half Marathon
- NB Pacesetters 15km Run
- Port Dickson Internation Half Marathon
- Adidas King Of The Road
- Merdeka Unity Run
- Seremban Half Marathon
- Pheddipidations World Wide Half Marathon Challenge
- NB Klang Pacers 12km Run
- Mizuno Wave Run
- Putrajaya International 12 Hour Walk
- Malakoff TTDI 12km Run
Weight Lost: 5 kg

What's Left To Do:
Distance To Go: Done - Exceeded by 258km
What's Left To Race: Done
What's Left To Lose: 1 kg (Failed to achieve, but satisfied anyway - there's always 2009!)

Did I do it?
Except for the weight loss failure, everything was achieved.... 2009 will push new goals and new targets my way and I will strive to achieve or surpass them as I roll thru the new year....


At 6:39 PM, Anonymous dezmomo said...

wowee! good luck dude!

At 11:05 PM, Anonymous Plum said...

You forgot to mention that you've already got everything on your wishlist....


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