Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Woke up early today at about 0530 cos I have been real smacking lazy lately. Felt that it was time to go for another run; weather had been playing havoc with my running schedule of late... When I wanna run, it rains. When I dun wanna run, it rains. When I think I might wanna run, it rains. When I think I might wanna bathe, it rains. When I think I wanna eat, it rains... you get the drift.

Was out the door at 0610. Roads were empty. Air was still. The noisiest thing around me was my breathing and my foot falls.. Its times like this that's best for contemplating and thinking about worldly stuff and thats exactly what I did...

"I have been kinda lazy lately... blaming my 'laziness' for lethargy and tiredness... lotsa shifting stuff around the house, getting things ready for the baby, some hard workouts and races in the past month... laziness that has made waking up early for morning runs difficult.. Prolly I'm not getting enuff sleep..."

And suddenly my train of thought shifted...

"With the impending arrival of our lil girl, I'd prolly be getting inadequate sleep every other night (or EVERY night!!)... and I'd still need to workout and run lots, cos I'm training for a full marathon thats due in Feb/March; and of course I don't wanna sport a tummy after becoming a father.. On top of that, I'd have to juggle work and other commitments, and at the same time not fall sick, cos then I can't help around the house or worse.. spread the virus to wifey and girl-girl...
With lack of sleep, I'd also probably be yawning in office ... or worse.. in meetings! (Not that I don't do that now but the yawns would prolly increase by ten-fold..)...And then I'd start to look like a panda, then my wife and lil girl wouldn't be able to recognise me anymore, and my lil girl would cry everytime she sees me and my wife would think I'm ugly and unattractive anymore and...."

And I nearly stopped in my tracks. In the middle of the road.

"Holey Shik!! How am I gonna manage?? Gotta help take care of our lil darlin', not enough sleep, not enough rest, crazy random meal-times, do housework, go to work, business commitments, run like a dog, bike on the trainer (unlikely to get much biking time on the road), swim like a hippo, take care of wifey's needs, family and at the same time stay healthy and sane...."

This is crazee. With a capital C. But I think.... this is what being a daddy means. Its probably difficult. But nothing in life is simple.

And with that thought in place, and a smile on my face, and the long quiet road ahead of me.... the morning run turned out to be a breeze.


At 10:00 AM, Blogger The Navigator said...

Don't worry you'll do fine. You learn things as you go along. There isn't an instruction book with kids. Having a baby will definitely impact on your free time outside of work but should not 'wreck your social life' if you are organized and plan your time well.
Gambatei ! ;)


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