Thursday, May 22, 2008

Champions League Final - Over

I'm not going to blog about how Man Utd won the Champions League Final against Chelsea in Roman's backyard in a thrilling final, with everything you could ask for in a match, with a technical goal, a scrappy goal, shots against the woodwork, a red card, bloody faces, a round of slapping, theatrical fouls, extra time, penalty shoot-out, penalty shoot-out misses and a whole lot of crying and celebrating.

I'm not going to blog about how I'm a lifelong fan, since the age of 10, back in the days of Mark Hughes, and Brian McCair, Paul Ince the Guv'nor, Lee Sharpe, Denis Irwin, Paul Parker, Peter Schmeichel the Great Dane, Steve Bruce and Pallister and Andrei Kanchelskis to the current holy trinity setup of Ronaldo, Rooney and Tevez.

I'm not going to blog about how I held my head in my hands when Tevez missed 2 golden opportunities to finish the game, Giggs blew his chance at eternal fame with a Terry goal line clearance, and Ronaldo changing his mind midway thru his spotkick and subsequently missing.

I'm not going to blog about how I heaved a huge sigh of relief when first Didier (the dumbo) Drogba hit the post, and then Lampard just had to follow suit and then the ultimate Dumbo himself swinging his palm into Vidic's face over some irrelevant throw-in fiasco, thereby missing the shoot-out and the medal collection.

I'm not going to blog about all that. No, I will just leave it for another time. For now, the CUP is in Manchester. And that's all that matters.


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