Saturday, July 02, 2005

Don't listen to rumours

That's what our PM said. And he was referring to the rumours abound on increase in petrol prices. Quote "If the Government decides on a fuel price increase, the people will be notified; We create rumours and then get upset over it" Unquote.

Well, I for one am glad that the price of petrol stays as it is (for now). To those of you whom I sms-ed with news of hike in petrol prices, I say sorry. Sorry for making you get off your sofa, take your car out and fill her up. Sometimes I wonder if it was one of 'em companies that started the 'news' to get some 'business'.

But since we're on the subject, I've got opinions to air. I'm sure you've heard of friends or relatives saying "my car drinks petrol like water, my fuel consumption sucks". It may have been a figure of speech, but now you can take it kinda literal too. What's the price of petrol nowadays? RM1.52 per litre? Mineral water costs the same for crying out loud! And I tell you this, my car is one hell of a thirsty dude. Btw, I dun think I drink 40 litres of water a week.

And you know the talk about how our government subsidizes the petrol costs? Telling us that our cost of petrol is relatively cheaper than other countries? Well, I was in Oz a couple of years back, and I was in Kiwi fruit country this year, and the cost of petrol (they call it gas) there is also in the region of $1.50 (their currency la). Now don't tell me about conversion rates. Cos my salary is not converted either. Tell me i'm wrong, but to me the price of petrol is the same there and here. And the thing is, we're a country that produces petroleum. Tell me i'm not being short-changed by my own country.

Now, I don't want this to become a big ruckus or a lengthy lecture on "you need to be appreciative and be thankful of what you have here". I'm just voicing my thoughts. And i'm not saying I must be right.

Just let me know what you think.


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