Friday, July 01, 2005

I need a change

Weekend’s come a knocking already. So fast and a whole week has flown by. It started off on a slow lethargic note, picked up midway and now I’m gunning home on the last straight down the weekend. And what have I achieved in my 1/52 weeks as a 26 year old? Nothing. Zilch. Zero. Kosong.

I wasted 1 week of my life doing nothing. Accomplishing nothing. Except for the odd chocolate popping, there was nothing even to post about. And that’s the story of my life. A routine life, governed by rigid office hours and never-ending traffic jams. A predictable life, moulded by the fact that I’ve got nothing to do every night. Well nothing of note anyway.

I’m fed up of the fact that I already know whats gonna happen when I step foot into my apartment later. Take off shoes, socks, put bag down, take keys and wallet out of pocket, remove shirt, belt, pants, take a pee, wash hands, put on shorts, drink water, switch on tv and wait for J to come home. Once she’s home, obligatory “where u wanna eat” question is asked, put on t-shirt, grab keys & wallet, go for dinner, come home, strip, bathe, put on clothes (if applicable), watch tv or talk, brush teeth, pee, wash hands, set alarm clock, try to sleep, and finally sleep.

So I’ve decided. If I wanna change my lifestyle, I have start now. Its gonna be today or never. So when I get home today, I’m going to get a drink first before I do anything else. I’m gonna change my routine around. Maybe set my alarm clock before I bathe. Ask J where to eat after we’ve come home from dinner (?). You know, just do things a bit differently, and see how things work out. Maybe it’ll take the rut outta my life.

And tonight will be the precedence set for the rest of my life. I’ll try to do something of note every week or even every day if I can. I wanna live my life to the fullest. I wanna look back at my life when I’m on my death bed and think to myself “ There’s nothing I would want to change in my life”. So, for that matter, I’ve got stuff lined up for this weekend; stuff that I would like to get done:
1. Go donate sperm (for the 1st time)
2. Go donate blood (not for the 1st time)
3. Get another tattoo (no comment)
4. Wash & wax my car (damn long overdue)
5. Go get a full body massage (and yes, just the massage and nothing else)

So, wait for me post on Monday people. I’ll let you know what I’ve accomplished over the weekend. And lets hope this week has not been wasted. But first, I gotta get thru my half day working Saturday tomorrow. Shit. Now thats a routine I'd dearly love to change.


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