Friday, July 28, 2006


Just a quick update of what's been happening since my directorial debut... haha.

Been down in the dumps most of the week, flu dump dat is... Sniffing away like nobody's business, and the bloody cold office ain't helping much too. Been away from the gym too the whole week and I feel like the scales are catching up on me.... Jeez.

Work is kinda lame still.... nothing much to do, boss ain't loading me yet. So I've got all the time in the world to go to the washroom, blow my nose, sit around. Playback. And put on repeat mode.

Most probably will be going home this weekend. Anybody wants 'fragrant biscuits'? You have till 6pm today to place your orders.



At 12:36 PM, Anonymous kim said...

i want ! i want! :p

At 1:39 PM, Blogger CapArnabBrand said...

Ok, those in Penang, i'll send you the pics.

At 9:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very pretty site! Keep working. thnx!


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