Thursday, July 14, 2005


Damn, I don’t believe this. I needed to go pee, badly. So, I walked into the men’s toilet in my office, and as the urinal drain was under repair, I got into one of ‘em empty cubicles and closed the door. As I was unzipping and letting the kuku out to get some fresh air, another guy walks into the next cubicle. Fine, nothing wrong with that. His cellphone rings, he answers. Also nothing wrong with that. I hear his voice, I know who he is. Still nothing wrong with that. People answer phones in the toilet so that they don’t waste another 10 cents returning the call later. Its ok. Then I hear him wee-wee-ing. Ok, I mean that’s what he came in for. Next, I hear him walking out the cubicle and out of the toilet, with the creaky sound of the toilet door closing behind him.

Now, I did not miss out anything in the chronology of events above. Ok, I’m sure he zipped his pants before he walked out of the toilet, but that’s not the point!
The things he didn’t do were:
1. Flush the bloody toilet bowl
2. Wash his hands

That’s like the 2 most basic things to do in a toilet after you wee-wee dammit! If he doesn’t want to wash his hands, its not my problem. But flush the damn toilet bowl la. That one also have to teach meh? And to top it all off, this guy holds a managerial position and has been working in this company for numerous years. Study so long, work so long, basic thing also don’t know how to do. Crap. I was pissed (no pun intended). C’mon, there’s a sign in each cubicle reminding you to flush after every use. Just pull the lever la. Not difficult right? Not gonna cause blisters on your hands right?

I just don’t understand people sometimes.


At 7:54 AM, Anonymous dezmomo said...

dude...the higher you go...the smaller brains you have....

here it's so common...they think they're saving the company money on the water bill...

budget cut would the 5th person pls flush the toilet?

At 2:55 PM, Anonymous Adee said...

Hmmm... Who can that be? FF? Damn bored la dey, nobody in the office!!!


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