Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Of Sniffing Asses

I'm sick of this. Sick to death. Every single morning. And evening.

Call it what you want. Bumper to bumper. Bonnet to boot. Face to ass. Head - butt. (And no I'm not talking about you, Zidane)

I lose 1 precious hour of my life every single day putting my nose to other peoples' asses. That's like what... 5% of my life spent smelling butts? That sucks. Big time.

But look on the bright side. Sometimes I get to look at a cute rear up close. And if I get close enough, I get to peek under their skirt-ing.

On top of that, somebody somewhere is also stuck with his face in my bottom.

And I for one know, it don't smell good.

Rantings of a tired ol Vios.


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