Friday, October 27, 2006

Myth Debunked!

Its a M.Y.T.H. No doubt about it. Whatever anyone tells you otherwise, don't believe it. Take it from me. I survived it. I'm living proof that there's no such thing.

I left my notebook in my car, parked in public places, on purpose, and its still with me, helping me to tell this tale. So whoever tells you that there are gadgets out there that can sniff out a notebook in a car a mile away, just say to them; "Eugene is living proof there's no such thing".

To assist in my attempt to prove the detractors wrong; I sought help from my trusty notebook; a HP Compaq nc6230, my car; a 2005 Vios and loads of courage.

Just 2 hours ago, I left the safe confines of the office parking lot, with my notebook on the passenger seat (not even in the trunk) and drove to the people-dense area of Taipan, USJ. Parking my car at an open lot by the side of the road, I proceeded to just close my notebook with yesterday's newspaper and left the car. An hour later, I returned to find my notebook still in there, and my windscreen untouched.

OK, fine. Maybe its a public place you say. Nobody's gonna do a hit 'n' run in broad daylight you say. Fine, lets take it to the next level I say.

Summit complex parking lot, here I come. Purposely looking for a dark area in the basement parking lot, I chanced upon a vacant spot at the corner (quite dark if I may say so) and plonked my car there. Same thing ensued; notebook on passenger seat under newspapers.

45 mins later, myth exposed. Your notebook will not get stolen even if you park your car in a dark, dimly lit area.

I'm back in office, typing on my nc6230 and telling the world that I was out there killing this myth that has haunted notebook users around the globe. So peeps, leave your notebook in the car all you want, just cover it with yesterday's newspapers.

Disclaimer: This stunt was pulled by a professional stunt-blogger. Do not try this with your notebook. This blogger is not liable for any damages or loss arising from the same stunt mimicked by other wannabes.


At 11:17 PM, Anonymous dezmomo said...

i wouldn't take the risk! i knew of alot of intel/freescale ppl who got their lappy's nicked from the car boot/back seat. The damage is when you have to pay a penalty for the missing lappy and adding salt to the wound to fix a broken lock/broken side window.. OUCH!

At 9:04 AM, Blogger CapArnabBrand said...

Dude... thats cos you're not a professinal stunt-blogger!! Haha..

At 4:09 PM, Anonymous Adee said...

If u got the balls, leave your notebook at hitech parking area for at least 6 hours!

At 1:34 PM, Blogger BusyBuzz'g said...

haha, i dun think u wanna try that in penang.. good stunt though..:P


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