Tuesday, July 26, 2005

My Favourite Cartoon


Name: Ban Nee Kiah
Class: 3 Biru
School: SRK Kebun Lobak Merah
Project: My Favourite Cartoon

My favourite cartoon is He-Man and The Masters of the Universe. This cartoon is very nice. I like this cartoon very much. I always watch He-Man every Friday at 5.30pm. After I watch He-Man, I will eat dinner. If I don't watch He-Man, I will be sad. Then I cannot eat dinner. Sometimes I will go to the field and play football with my friends. If like that, I will ask my mummy to tape He-Man for me. I really like He-Man very much.

Sometimes I like to draw He-Man. I will also colour my drawing. He-Man is very handsome and good-looking. He is also brave and strong. He always take care of the good people and will fight away the bad people. That is why He-Man is my hero. I want to be like He-Man when I grow up. This is my drawing of He-Man.

My mummy help me to find some pictures so that it is easy for me to tell the He-Man cartoon story. Actually, He-Man is a prince. His name is Adam. Thats why people call him Prince Adam. This is Prince Adam's picture. This is when he is normal like everybody. He stays in a castle called Castle Greyskull with his father, the king.

When Prince Adam need to save the good people from the bad men, he will transform into He-Man. But the normal people don't know he is actually He-Man, because he will transform in secret. Nobody except for a few friends know he is He-Man. He will use his sword and shout "by the power of grayskull, I have the power" then he will transform into He-Man. There will also be music and lightning when he transform. Sometimes I don't know why people don't know Prince Adam is He-Man. The face look the same. All my friends also know he is the same. Maybe the people in the cartoon not so smart and never go to school.

He-Man got one good friend. His name is Man-At-Arms. He is older than He-Man. He helps He-Man a lot. They always fight the bad people together. He has a daughter named Tee-La. I don't like Tee-La thats why I didn't put her picture here.

He-Man always fight one bad person. The bad person is Skeletor. Actually Skeletor is very evil and look like evil person too. Skeletor stay in Snake Mountain. He stay there with his gang of evil friends. They always do the bad things and try to attack the good people, but in the end will still lose to He-Man. Skeletor never learn, always see He-Man and Prince Adam but still don't know they are the same man.

This is Skeletor's friend, Evil-lyn. She is a bad witch and can use evil magic on people. In this picture she look fat, but in the cartoon actually quite thin. I think is thin in the cartoon because everytime lose to He-Man already have to run back to Snake Mountain. My sister likes Evil-lyn. She say that not many girls will dare to wear like that and go out. I actually don't care what she wear. I only like He-Man.

This is the story of my favourite cartoon. At the end of the cartoon, they will tell the moral of the story. So the moral of the story is we must always be good. If we are good, then we can always win the bad guys. The End.


p/s. Saw some He-Man toy figurines at Parkson today. Reminded me of my childhood days. ;-)


At 10:43 PM, Anonymous dezmomo said...

ummmm....errr....Your He-Man looks like a She...

At 10:16 AM, Anonymous Adee said...

He-Man: No good
Lion-O: Good

At 3:31 PM, Blogger CapArnabBrand said...

I prefer Mumm-Ra in Thundercats..

At 5:19 PM, Blogger chris said...

she-ra! she's way better looking too me thinks =P


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