Friday, August 05, 2005

Dedicated To Woon Ching & Irene

This post is long overdue, cos this wedding didn't take place yesterday, nor the day before. In fact, J & I attended this wedding about a week before I started blogging. So you can't blame me for not posting about it then, cos technically I wasn't posting yet, then. Shucks, what the hell is wrong with me? I gotta stop making excuses. Couple o' days back, a fren of mine asked whether I managed to take any photos of this wedding, and I remember I did, so I dug into my mess of a cabinet, whipped out my digicam and voila! picture posting done.

So, ok... wedding dinner took place in Sitiawan, a small town in Perak famous for the Hokchiew dialect and self made millionaires. And who are the 2 main characters in this fairytale wedding? A certain buddy of mine from varsity, Woon Ching and his SIA jet-setting wife, Irene. Congrats you 2!!

Stage set for the bride & groom

My buddy & his wife

Anxious looking groom

Group photo with damn messy table

The wedding dinner was the typical chinese affair, 8 course dinner with loads of alcohol thrown in for good measure. Noise levels hovered around 17,000 decibels constantly (don't really know how loud is that, but damn loud la) and shouts of 'Yamseng....Yamseng!' filled the air. Kinda a contrast to the prim & proper westernized wedding receptions I see on tv.

Amongst my varsity buddies, Woon Ching's the 1st to get hitched. And there'll be more to come, soon, most definitely (read: Teik Seng... ;-p ) So guys, I'll be waiting for our next wedding gathering, and Woon Ching; "When's junior coming along??"


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