Thursday, July 28, 2005

Public Apology

1. I had petai (what do you call them? Stink beans?) for dinner yesterday.
2. Lots of petai actually.
3. With sambal somemore.

1+2+3 above = damn funky stinky smell when I go to the toilet today. Sorry people. That's my apology to those who have the (bad) luck to use the toilet after me today (maybe even tomorrow). So, don't say I didn't warn you.

And may the stench be with you.

Update 28th July 2005, 11.04am:
1st toilet visit of the day. Nescafe + overnight petai really hits the senses. Hope the Malay dude that came in after I walked out is OK.

Update 28th July 2005, 2.08pm:
2nd toilet visit of the day. Still damn stinky. No change, no improvement. Think I need to drink more water and clean out my system. If not, J's not gonna like it when I get home.

Update 28th July 2005, 6.26pm:
3rd toilet visit of the day. Wee bit better (no pun intended). Just waiting to go home and plop the 'BIG' one. Heh.


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