Saturday, August 06, 2005

Muara Klang

Got an sms from one of my frens yesterday morning asking me to go for dinner.

Fren (sms): 2 9 dinner?
Me (sms): Where and what time?
Fren: 8pm, muara klang
Me: Dono where's that. Pick me up?
Fren: K
Me: Time?
Fren: 6.30
Me: Make it 7
Fren: K

After work, I get home, shower and right on time, my fren picks me up. He takes the Shah Alam route, and then on to Fed Highway and then he asks me "If i wanna go to Tanjung Harapan, do I use this way?" And I thought to myself "I remember Tanjung Harapan was somewhere across the world, in South Africa, according to my history books la.." "I dunno la. Never been there."
So he proceeds to call up another fren and this other fren does indeed give him directions to some place 'across the world'.

"U-turn, then get off Fed, go into Kesas towards Klang, turn off at Banting, go up the bridge and turn right, go straight all the way until a roundabout, take 9 o-clock, go straight until a cross-junction, take left then immediately right, 1st lights turn left, go until McD, then turn right, 2nd lights turn right, go straight on, after bridge 2nd lights turn left, go straight in & u will see Muara Klang."

Wahlau eh, siao or not?? Took us a whopping 1 hour and 45 mins to get there, with the jam and some missed turns. Hungry like hell already when we arrived at 8.45pm. And my heart took a dive. Muara Ikan Bakar??? We *bleeping* drove for nearly 2 hours for *bleeping* ikan bakar?? This had better be *bleeping* good.

Muara Klang... damn far... damn far...

Lots of urrmmm... greens..

Bridge over the Muara Kwai...

Huge decorative sampan

There were 15 of us, 14 adults and a kid. And since we were all famished, I supposed we overdid the ordering part. See, the concept here is you pick out the fresh seafood from huge tanks and they'd weigh it and cook it for you they way you please (limited to their cooking style also la). And we kinda ended up with a lot. And I mean a LOT.

6 plates of ikan merah (i think its ikan merah) cooked in 2 styles
3 plates of cockles
6 plates of ikan pari bakar (grilled ray fish)
3 plates of sotong, deep-fried and another 3 plates cooked in some sauce
3 plates of prawns deep-fried and another 3 plates cooked in tomyam sauce
2 plates of otak-otak (I dunno wazzit called in English, fish paste or something..)
Close to 8 jugs of juice

Loads & loads of sinful food...

The above photo doesn't really do justice. That is only one-third the length of the table, so you can imagine how much food was consumed on that hazy Friday night. All of us practically popped our buttons and those who were wearing tight fitting T's sure had a hell of a problem gettin out of them when they got back. And what about the bill? A whopping *bleeping* 700++ bucks..!! Luckily they accept VISA.

Summarizing the whole dinner affair using the internationally accepted 5 star rating guide:

Location: (-) * * * * *
Ambience: * * *
Food: * * *
Service: * * *
Price: *
Overall: *

I'm never going back there... ever again.


At 1:28 PM, Blogger chris said...

no wonder lah dowan to eat the prawns yesterday!


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