Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Ringgit Malaysia Lima Puluh Sahaja

Have you ever asked yourself lately the value of RM50 these days? What can 50 bucks buy you today? A full tank of petrol? A meal for 4 at KFC? A week's worth of parking fees? Not much actually. Money is not so 'big' anymore. But 50 bucks can still get you out of trouble. Like it did for me today.

See, I was driving along Jalan I-don't-know-what-jalan-it-is infront of Sunway Pyramid, talking on the phone using my handsfree kit like any law-abiding citizen, trying to close a business deal and minding my own business when suddenly I hear a honk beside my car. And another honk. I looked into my side view mirror and horror of all horrors, there's this traffic cop in his big-ass bike flagging me to the side. Dammit. What the hell am I being held up for? I don't do drugs. I haven't been drinking. I most definitely was not sms-ing (you know who you are). And I was dead sure I paid the parking fee earlier.

So, I roll the car slowly to the side of the road and hit my indicators. Wind down my window as said cop strolls up in slow-mo. The below conversation then took place:

Big-Ass Bike Irritating Cop: Selamat pagi encik. Apasal tak pakai seat belt?
*Then it dawned on me. No excuses. Its becoming a habit already*
Averse-Safety Seatbelt Me: Bagi satu chance encik.
B.AB.I. Cop: Ini jalan besar encik. Apa macam? Mahu bayar saman?
A.S.S. Me: Tak mahu saman la encik. Settle la.
B.AB.I. Cop: Berapa settle?
A.S.S. Me: Cakapla berapa.
B.AB.I. Cop: Kalo saman mesti seratus. Lima puluh la. Rugi kalo I saman.
A.S.S. Me: Kurang sikit encik.
B.AB.I. Cop: Saman satu ratus. U pilih.
A.S.S. Me: OK la.
*Proceed to take out a 50 ringgit bill from pocket*
B.AB.I. Cop: Letak bawah lesen.
*Understanding nod*

It was all over in like what.. 2 mins? That was the speediest 50 bucks I spent in a long long while. Damn expensive 'cup of tea' if I must say so. My last piece of 'donation for a higher cause' was only RM30 (can't really remember when la); inflation does have its price.

So for the benefit of all you who have yet to experience this and are therefore unfamiliar with the procedure, below is an illustrated guide to you know what-

Take a substantially valuable ringgit bill out of wallet

Fold the ringgit bill twice

Hide the folded ringgit bill under your piece of plastic and hand it over

I do not promote underhand and dirty dealings. It is totally up to you to pay your summons and be a law-abiding citizen.


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