Monday, August 28, 2006

Party People in D'House - Episode #2

From the preparations to the REAL thing people!! Massive hype and expectations had been shrouding D'House for the past week, and its all here now....

5:30pm - The cooks started lighting their woks, the ushers started getting people in place and the DiGizens started getting restless. There were some mini presentations in front of the lobby to get the people in the mood..

Kids playing with fireworks... Dhalsim wannabes.

Peacocks and red indians strutting their stuff

5:45pm - The ladies washrooom was full to the brim with everybody getting ready to morph... (by the way, I didn't actually see the ladies' room filled to the brim for myself; tho I wud have loved to...)

I think they came to the wrong place. Graduation party is down the street

6:00pm - Drizzle. Damn.

6:15pm - The office areas started to become a ghost office. Nobody around anymore. Everybody was partying downstairs!!

People were everywhere....

And everywhere....

Yes, we even had el' bleus...

6:23pm - Yours truly joined the parade!!

6:30pm - Rain. Wretched rain.

7:00pm - Disco dance floor started rocking as booze started flowing.

DJ in D'House!!

Before the sun went down..

After the sun went down...

7:27pm - Downpour dammit. What was the bloody bomoh doing?

I suppose "The Blue Company" hired the stronger rainman

7:42pm - Finished my last piece of roti jala.

7:59pm - Decided to go home. Rain was incessant. I was incensed.

And pray what did I morph myself into you ask??



At 5:56 PM, Blogger chris said...

bwahahaha... college student. 10 years ago maybe!

At 1:55 PM, Blogger CapArnabBrand said...

I STILL look like one la!!! With my innocent look and baby-soft skin...


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