Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Lappy Toppy

"Lonely... I am so lonely... I have nobody... here with me.."

Aaahhhh.... the pleasure of silence and solitude... on a Tuesday morning. Taking half day off today, after enduring a long and torturous sleepless night tossing and turning to the rhythm of acute gastritis. F#%*ing damn sian. Stress and funny meal times does take its toll on your tum-tum.

Just wanna let you ppl know I got a company laptop... heheh. Nothing spectacular, just bottom-of-the-range Compaq, Celeron, 40GB, 512MB, ummm... no floppy drive...ummm... basic stuff la. Looks something like this:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
So the good thing is, I can go online at home, courtesy of J's 3G phone. The downside is, I have added responsibility; that is to take care of extra office crap. The upside is, I should have broader shoulders in 2 months; the down side is I'll be sat infront of the PC longer. I'll stop blabbering for now.

Don't think I have much to tell besides my new laptop. Nothing much is going on in my personal life, or whatever thats left of it. Will update more when I can. Till then... Ciao-paq!!!

PS: Happy belated Birthday Chris! ...So who's B'day is next??