Tuesday, July 24, 2007


On LEAVE also got 23 missed calls and 6 sms... all work related!!! Can't they give this poor guy a BREAK??!?!?!?!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Retail Therapy

Being too lazy to blog about the treasure hunt last weekend (won some cash btw), and the weekend before that (won an SE W610 phone btw)... I'll just put a few words down about something that I find more enjoyable....

1. Yesterday was J-card members day
2. J and meself went to 1-U after work
3. Place was chockful of people
4. We managed to battle the stampede for some retail therapy
5. We got a total of 7 garments for under RM150.
6. We were both very happy. And still are. I'm smiling just thinking about washing my new clothes.
7. We're both "pheng, leng, cheng" people (literally cheap, nice and good)
8. I'm gonna wear my new RM11.70 shirt next Monday.

Have a good weekend peeps!