Monday, October 30, 2006

Cross-Country Rabbit Part#2

Endurance 5.0 done! Albeit with a little twist...

Tuesday: 5.0km @ 31 mins
Wednesday: 5.0km @ 31 mins
Thursday: 5.0km @ 33 mins
Friday: Something came up and it was real late after I finished.
Saturday: 13.4km @ 89 mins (To make up for Friday's missed run and a bit of penalty added-on)
Sunday: 1/2 dead @ 24 hours.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Myth Debunked!

Its a M.Y.T.H. No doubt about it. Whatever anyone tells you otherwise, don't believe it. Take it from me. I survived it. I'm living proof that there's no such thing.

I left my notebook in my car, parked in public places, on purpose, and its still with me, helping me to tell this tale. So whoever tells you that there are gadgets out there that can sniff out a notebook in a car a mile away, just say to them; "Eugene is living proof there's no such thing".

To assist in my attempt to prove the detractors wrong; I sought help from my trusty notebook; a HP Compaq nc6230, my car; a 2005 Vios and loads of courage.

Just 2 hours ago, I left the safe confines of the office parking lot, with my notebook on the passenger seat (not even in the trunk) and drove to the people-dense area of Taipan, USJ. Parking my car at an open lot by the side of the road, I proceeded to just close my notebook with yesterday's newspaper and left the car. An hour later, I returned to find my notebook still in there, and my windscreen untouched.

OK, fine. Maybe its a public place you say. Nobody's gonna do a hit 'n' run in broad daylight you say. Fine, lets take it to the next level I say.

Summit complex parking lot, here I come. Purposely looking for a dark area in the basement parking lot, I chanced upon a vacant spot at the corner (quite dark if I may say so) and plonked my car there. Same thing ensued; notebook on passenger seat under newspapers.

45 mins later, myth exposed. Your notebook will not get stolen even if you park your car in a dark, dimly lit area.

I'm back in office, typing on my nc6230 and telling the world that I was out there killing this myth that has haunted notebook users around the globe. So peeps, leave your notebook in the car all you want, just cover it with yesterday's newspapers.

Disclaimer: This stunt was pulled by a professional stunt-blogger. Do not try this with your notebook. This blogger is not liable for any damages or loss arising from the same stunt mimicked by other wannabes.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Cross-country Rabbit

This guy is awesome. Check out this link -

Dean Karnazes is running 50 marathons over 50 days across 50 US states as I'm writing this. Its called the Endurance 50 and its his way of educating people on the pros of healthy living and an active lifestyle. This equates to 2,096km over the course of slightly more than 1.5 months, thru rain, shine and muscle aches. Tis guy is phenomenal and I take my running shoe off to him.

As a tribute to him and his motivational cause; I have decided to do my own mini Endurance 5.0 starting 25th Oct 2006. My running package: 5.0 km a day for 5.0 consecutive days. Ha, small step compared to Karnazes; but a thousand mile journey begins with a single step.

Check back on the 30th for my Endurance 5.0 summary!!

Quoting Nietzsche and (Karnazes' blog)... "That which does not kill us, makes us stronger"

Go bunny Go!!!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Photos de Cameronian

(Pasar Photo ahead. Those without broadband, kindly steer clear)

Ok, ok... this is kinda belated; a happy belated photo blogpost. But these pics were taken last weekend in Banjaran Cameron and we sure as well had a very good time. So I'll just skip the talk and throw in the shoots, taken with our trusty Sony Cybershot 3.2M-pixel which has served us for >4 years.
(Think its time to upgrade to an SLR)

Typical pics to start the ball rolling...

Pasar minggu stuff, everybody just wants some of your dosh

Whats a Cameron market without flowers eh?

And whats a trip to the highlands without wild flowers huh?

Typical tea plantation and tea-leaf chewing rabbit

Authentic Cameron tea sipping break

English-styled architecture

And some not so typical pics for your enjoyment...

I just had to relive my childhood...

Jac too, albeit more subdued...

A little calorie burning session

Mother Nature in Camerons calls real HARD

And our pick of the pics....

I love you J. Muaks.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Please Donate Ringgit Malaysia

Its pathetic. Way pathetic.

I just can't believe how low they've gone. Now they've even resorted to cheating, with a capital C. My brush with Please Donate Ringgit Malaysia over the weekend (TWICE on the same day) has made me disillusioned.

I'm not going into details as that might mean the powers-that-be dragging me into some filthy alley, throw me around, kick me in the teeth and warn me for trying to antagonize the country's most revered force and cause a mutiny. This could even be my last blog entry as by tomorrow, they'd have put me on a boat to Timbuktu, where the only LAN you'd get is Large Ape Nuts.

In a nutshell, I was 'coerced' into donating some hard earned money for some offence I did not commit.

Blame the ga-vun-ment for not increasing salaries, or the ever escalating petrol costs, but at the rate they're going, they earn even more than me, even if it means splitting the donations between themselves at the end of the donation drive.

I thought Friday the 13th sucked. Saturday the 'sat sei' was even worse.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Bloody Friday the 13th

(Relentless ranting up ahead. Use of language may be abusive and offensive. Warning served.)

It really is a bloody day. Nothing seems to be going right. And its only mid-day. Dammit. I just can't wait for the day to end.

First, I couldn't wake up in the morning. Alarm rang its ass off at 7am and I only got up at 7:35. Needless to say, I rushed thru gettin ready. So its a case of a bad hair day. And a bad hair day means no chicks checking me out. And no chicks checking me out means a really horribilis day. Next, I couldn't finish my breakfast in the rush, gulping down my cereal in a hurry and I got bloody hungry in the midst of a presentation at 11:00. I was pretty sure the other attendees heard my growling tum-tum.

On my way to work, I got into some traffic trouble. Some ass-thority closed up part of the highway, and I got to work late; with no more parking bays available. Screw 'em buggers.

Upon touching down in HQ, I got a call to go to another office. Immediately. Overnight issue needing my attention. ASAP. Screw 'em too.

It wasn't even 12pm and the mother-of-all-my-pet-peeves came crashing down on me. Political and Taichi-cal attitudes abound in the office environment. I just can't seem to rid myself of them. They follow me around like a plague. Why can't these people actually give me a call or talk to me first before sending out baseless and knife-sharpened e-mails to ALL and SUNDRY? It IS not even my fault and they make me look like I'm DARTH VADER cum LORD SAURON. Am I that unapproachable?? Fark them.

And the haze sucks.

Guess I can forget about hitting a 4-D today. Maybe even never. Unless I start buying.

I just hate today.

Friday, October 06, 2006

A work of Art

Just got ourselves a new painting, abstract art if my classification is spot-on (correct me if i'm wrong). We call it: Villagers goin about their daily work in the mountainous regions in the morning and mingling together at the same time.

Or in short: Mountain People.

I like the painting, and so does Jac. And I believe it sits very well in our living room. Note: Kindly disregard the rubbish you see on the floor. We are normally neat people.

Looks like I'm an art aficionado now. The Sistine Chapel, here I come.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Land Below D Typhoon

This is like 4 days overdue, but better late than never, huh...

It was real hectic in KK, jumped off the plane @ 5.30pm, got to the hotel @ 5.50pm, Typhoon Watzisname hit @ 6pm.... So it was all TV watching in the room the whole night.

Next morning chucked out and went to the Switching Centre, did some auditing, work and took the evening flight home. No sightseeing. Whatsoever. Shucks. Big time.

Airport undegoing a facelift, currently looking like a shack

View from the 7th floor

Typhoonic winds started @ 6pm

5 mins later..

KL-bound MH2617's Ass..

All in all, a pretty tiring trip. Should have stayed the weekend, but had plans back home in TI. So it was an early drive home to TI on Sat morning and back to KL again Sun afternoon.

Essentially, I was in 2 different 'negeri's everyday over 5 days.

I'm totally flat.