Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Slip you a Quickie

Its been > a week since I last posted one goddamn ass-looking pic of myself peering thru a glass bottle. Sorry folks, its not that I'm gettin lazy with my bloggin', just that I've been BZ.... real BZ. I'm into my 3rd week in my new job, and I'm gettin the hang of it. Looking for some new staff, so if you're interested, or have friends interested in working with (for) me, you can get me on my mobile. Those of you who read this blog sure as well have my number, or mail me...or drop me a comment. We're actually looking for admin staff, an accounts clerk, a couple of technicians and a freshly baked engineer. Been interviewing a couple of people last week, but none has managed to "impress" me ... as yet.

I'll be posting a couple of pictures of my new office soon. Haven't gotten around to snapping any pics yet. Its small, by previous employment standards... but i'm not complaining. Just need to spice up the office with some "chick factor" thats all.

Ummm... I guess I don't have anything really new to tell; no major happenings; no salary increment (just yet) and no kids to show off (also just yet). So I'll sign off here. When I decide to pose half-naked ala Calvin Klein underwear ad, I'll post it up. That one was requested by Adee. Till then, stay strong!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

How do they do it??

I was browsing thru Men's Health (MH) mag today and I chanced upon an advertisement for Davidoff Echo, ya know.. the fragrance for men. Btw, I'm a loyal MH reader.. and I definitely buy MH EVERY single freakin' month. MH, if you're reading this, I think I deserve a better lookin' body. And a smaller gut. And iron pecs. And bombing biceps. I could go on, but that'll just make me feel insecure.

Back to the subject at hand. Lookin' at the advert, I could imagine myself as the Echo man. Brooding good looks and all. Nonchalant in front of the cam. Looking like a million bucks.... And I have a bottle of Echo with me, courtesy of some great friends back at my old workplace. Thank you guys!!

Armed with my trusty Ixus, I proceeded to do a home advertisement ala Davidoff.

Davidoff Echo Man

Davidork Echo Man

Hell, there must be something wrong!!! Where the heck did they get such a huge bottle? (or such a small dude for that matter??) And how come he looks so damn good in the pic? My mum would not even be able to recognise me from THAT pic!!

Guess its back to the drawing board for me. Maybe I can't look like the Davidoff man. Maybe not now. Maybe not ever. Maybe I'm just not cut out for fragrance adverts. Guess I'm more of the Michelin Man. Shucks.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Culture Shiok!

My previous post was about my last day on the job. So its only natural that this post is about my first week in my new job. OK, technically its not a full week yet. After all, today is only Thursday; but I have a bit of time on my hands right now and I'm kinda unsure whether I will have that luxury tomoro or the end of this week to post. So here goes!

Its a whole new world out here. You know, jumping from an established company to a growing one is not easy. Not easy at all. I knew the workload was going to be huge, but actually going thru it is a whole lot different than just knowing about it. My working hours are 9.00am - 6.00pm weekdays and 9.00am - 1.00pm all Saturdays. But... but.. I left office at 8.00pm on Monday (my 1st day of work), on Tuesday and also yesterday. So my un-official hours are 9am-8pm. Shucks. Full working capacity you know. Really konked out at the end of each day. Tired and hungry and lethargic and exhausted.

The environment here is also different to Maxis. Let me list some of the differences. Only 8 workstations in my office. No personal fixed line. No personal company e-mail. No hot water dispenser. No pantry. No cleaners. No elevators. And I only see 3 staff daily (the rest go out real early in the morning). Really culture shock man. But on the bright side, I have a bigger cubicle than I did in Maxis.... =D

On to my jobscope... I'm the administration, technical department, human resources, property management, and partial finance department all rolled up in one. So there. Its no wonder I have to work such long hours daily. Its a 1 leg kick all kinda job.

And lunch is like a 6km drive away. We are like smack in the middle of nowhere. think i'll just start to bring food for lunch in time to come.

I'm gonna keep this short. Wanna go home and get some rest. By the way, season 4 of 24 is keeping my nights alive!!! To all my ex-colleagues, I say "I'll see you again someday; take care ya all"

Friday, September 02, 2005

Bye Bye Maxis !

This post is an account of my last working day in Maxis. Today is Friday, 2nd of September 2005. I have been working here since 18th February 2002. A little over 3 years… boy how time flies…

0917: Arrive in office, late on my last day. As usual. Wooohooo!
0925: Sup comes over and tells me to amend some documents. As usual.
0936: Get my last cup of coffee from the dispenser as a staff.
0957: Sup comes over and tells me to do more amendments. Finishes by asking where I’m going for lunch. Tell him I have plans. He sighs and says he wanted to take me out for lunch. Yea right.
1035: Went over to my boss’ cubicle for a short discussion. More work.
1054: Went down to the reception to pass some documents to a vendor. A few handshakes around with some colleagues, all wishing me well.
1126: Finished preparing some documents for the boss. A ‘bit’ more to go. Yeah, just a ‘bit’…. A wee ‘bit’.
1143: Made a call to 123, held the line for all of 4 mins and 36 seconds listening to voice recordings before ending the call. Where are all the customer service consultants????
1206: Sneaked out for an early lunch with colleagues. Sort of a farewell lunch at Sunway Club, The Palms Café.
1513: Arrived back at office after a heavy heavy lunch. Sleepy and sluggish. Zzzzz.
1625: Last meeting with my sup and boss. Official sign-off of my handover. A few words of advice and we’re done.
1742: Finish typing my parting e-mail and send it out.
1802: Getting loads of well-wishes replies. Also getting’ teary-eyed.
1812: Still doing work for my company. Sheesh.
1819: Start clearing my desk. Shredding all the old documents and practically throwing everything away.
1835: Still at it. Only 18.57% done.
1859: Nearly there. 76.89% kau tim.
1918: Shredded 80% of the disposables. 2 shredder machines full to the brim. The rest of the disposables will be taken care of Eugene style. Under the carpet they go.
1930: Bye-bye Maxis. I will see all of you again.