Monday, July 31, 2006

Yuck-xotic food.

Last weekend when I was home, mum conjured up some ek-zostic food that was supposed to increase my virility, maintain my virginity, take care of my health superiority and all other things -ity.

Its a Hokkien and Chinese thing. We just love yuck-zotic food. From pig's tongue and ears, to fish stomach and eyes, Chinese Hokkien eat anything that moves under the sun.

Look what my mum made for me:

Steamed giant leeches

She also taught me how to make roti goldfish:

Put barely alive goldfish on palm

Look away and put fist on said palm

Oh yes. I had a pretty gastronomical weekend.

Note: No animals were harmed in the process of writing this blog

Friday, July 28, 2006

Choices choices choices x 100

I actually looked twice to confirm whether or not my eyes were playing tricks on me.

You gotta be kidding me! 100 types?!?! I didn't actually step in there to verify their claims, but I will definitely do so in the near future. I'll be scrutinizing their menu to see whether their claims of having ONE Heck of a Hundred kinds of Roti Canai is true or not.

But before I do that, I guess I could do a quick list to see how many I can come up with.....

Typical ones:
1. roti kosong
2. roti bom
3. roti planta
4. roti telur
5. roti bawang
6. roti sardin
7. roti banjir
8. roti tisu
9. roti telur bawang
10. roti pisang
.... this is bloody hell not easy...
11. roti garlic
12. roti jem
13. roti peanut butter
.... somebody help me out...
14. roti kaya
15. roti telur mata kerbau
16. .... roti kentang
17. roti ubi kayu
18. roti kari kepala ikan
......... now the bullshit kinds of roti are coming out....
19. roti nasi lemak
20. roti briyani
21. roti kacang merah
22. roti kacang hijau
23. roti kacang kuda
24. roti kacang putih
.................. i'll just copy and paste the roti part first...
25. roti ayam cincang
26. roti kambing cincang
27. roti tuna tomyam
28. roti satay
29. ........ roti i give up.

I can't even do 30. How can they do THREE TIMES MORE?????


Just a quick update of what's been happening since my directorial debut... haha.

Been down in the dumps most of the week, flu dump dat is... Sniffing away like nobody's business, and the bloody cold office ain't helping much too. Been away from the gym too the whole week and I feel like the scales are catching up on me.... Jeez.

Work is kinda lame still.... nothing much to do, boss ain't loading me yet. So I've got all the time in the world to go to the washroom, blow my nose, sit around. Playback. And put on repeat mode.

Most probably will be going home this weekend. Anybody wants 'fragrant biscuits'? You have till 6pm today to place your orders.


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sneak Preview!

Hey, did you hear about the new movie release by acclaimed Korean director Ee-Yu Jin? The movie stars Yu Jin in the lead role as a wild bachelor about to settle down with marriage life and co-stars Osaka award winning actress Jac-Ki Lin in a dual role as the small town girl bride and her evil twin sister. The movie is aptly called ‘The Bride’, and it was rumoured to have taken more than 8 hours to shoot.

I hear it is good, the storyline is full of suspense and the musical score is phenomenal. I’ll not go into much detail; you’ll just have to wait for the movie. Anyway, here’s a sneak preview of what the movie has to offer:

Ee-Yu Jin as the director / producer / lead actor

Jac-Ki Lin as the innocent bride

Jac-Ki Lin also as the innocent bride’s evil twin sister

The release is expected on 6th August 2006. Don’t miss it!

Watch this space for updates!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Music To My Ears

Thumpity thumpity thump thump... Drop. #$@&$@. Again.

It has become a ritual. Run a couple of hundred steps, ear piece drops, pick it up, screw it into ear, run a couple of hundred steps, ear piece drops, pick it up, screw it into other ear, just give up.

You guys know that I've been motivating B* in the gym, and that means that I've been doing a spot of running meself. Hours spent on the treadmill = boredom, if not for my Creative player to keep me company. Problem statement is: Ear piece is the standard stick-em-in-your-ear-and-hope-they-don't-fall-off-type.

They don't like to stick around

So I've been doing my fair share of whining and whingeing and either J loves me very the much, or she's just trying to shut me up.... She went and surprised me with:

They sure as hell don't fall off

J's such a dear. Muaks.

Now I can concentrate on my running gait and not worry about the droppity drop drop issue. Marathon completion, here I come!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Step Back In Time

Sundays are for lazing around. Sundays are best for couch potato-ing. Most Sundays just pass you by. More often than not, Sundays are just forgettable. But not this one.

See, J had an appointment for a skincare regime treatment aka facial at Leonard Duck Drake in Subang Parade in the afternoon. Cool. So we had been out since morning, took my car for a customary skincare treatment and massage aka wash & wax, had lunch at Bandar Manjalara and rushed back to Subang in time for J's appointment. Since she was gonna be occupied with girly girly stuff and I had 2 solid hours to kill, I decided to go check out some real manly stuff.

Yeap. You guessed right. Toys R Us.


I felt like a manly kid all over again! The moment I stepped thru the doors of wonderland, I was running around like a lil boy high on Smarties. Memories of MEGA BLOCKS, GI Joe, Transformers, Play-Doh and The Justice League all resurfaced. I was in toy-irvana.

Wonder Woman. Every little boy's wet dream.

The ultimate war between good and evil.

Ol Raphael, part of the pizza-loving amphibious quartet

Rows & rows of board games galore

Superboy returns. Zooopt. Zzzapp.

Lego's just not like they used to be.

Kick a ball with your leg-o.

Jumping on the bandwagon. What's next? Monopolympics?

2 hours felt like 20 mins. Before I knew it, J texted me to let me know she was done. At that moment I was holding on to a Titanium Series Optimus Prime. It was the only one left on the shelf and this lil kid was standing next to me eyeing Si Optimus and I could imagine the bubble thoughts above his head... "What the #$&@ is an old fart like you doing with movable plastics?"

That jolted me back to reality. It dawned on me that I'm just past my prime, even with Optimus Prime. With a heavy heart, I put ol Opty back on the shelf, took a last glance around and trudged wearily out the door, akin to a little kid knowing that there would be no toys for him that Sunday. Maybe the next, but not this one.

This Sunday was just for the memories.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Working in Par-a-dais

Close your eyes. Imagine enjoying a holiday in a 5-star resort. You walk in the grand entrance, the whole resort is made of glass, pure cleansing sunshine rejuvenates you. The sounds of water flowing calms you, the decor captivates you, a blend of modern and contemporary art. The people are friendly, they smile and wish you a good morning.

Now open your eyes. Drive down to Lot 10 Subang Hi-Tech Industrial Area. Right smack between smelly factories and dusty warehouses, a 5-Star Resort by the name of D'House resides. I get to go there everyday, enjoy the resort and the environment; and get this; they pay me to do it. MUAHAHAHAHA !!!!!

Eat your heart out suckers! Those of you who work in dinghy ugly offices and run-down buildings, you can close your eyes again. Just to get you salivating and wishing you were in my place; you get to check out the place I call work.

Rows and rows of huge greens line the interior

Artwork by acclaimed artists like Eugene line the walls

I dunno what concept is this, but it rocks. Literally.

Designer discussion booths. Good for a quick snooze too.

Aromatherapy in the washrooms. Makes me wanna shit and sleep.

Waterfall at the back, next to the cafe. Wah liu-eh!

Maybe I should just bring my blanket and bolster. Gives new meaning to the phrase: Working from home.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

2nd Day of Work

9:00am - Arrived at office
9:01am - Sit around looking bored
10:00am - Sit around looking bored drinking cafe mocha
11:00am - Sit around looking bored
12:00pm - Sit around looking bored
1:00pm - Sit around looking bored having lunch
2:00pm - Sit around looking bored having finished lunch
3:00pm - Sit around looking bored
4:00pm - Sit around looking bored drinking cafe mocha
5:00pm - Sit around looking bored
5:59pm - Sit around looking bored
6:00pm - Left office

Sitting around looking bored the whole day is real tough work you know. This is by far my most challenging task / assignment. I'm glad I aced it. They should confirm me in my job immediately. Nobody does the bored look better than me.

Call me Bord. Real Bord.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Bulge Wars - Episode 3

The battle of the bulge enters its midway-point with B's* morale still going strong. As my very good fren, I can vouch that B* is cutting carbs, fat and sugar from his diet on a consistently consistent basis. I say kudos to him for keeping it up!! You should too.

B's* midway-point

To keep B motivated, you can do your part by donating some monetary motivation by calling toll-free number 011-N0-m0r3-f4t-4ever-1 and asking for B's* private account number. Any amount donated is appreciated, but the higher the figure, the higher the appreciation and motivation. You can help reduce the number of obesities by 1. Just do it.

P/S: I started my new job today. Damn bloody new HQ looks like a 5-star resort! I'm sure as well gonna enjoy my stay there. Yippee yay yay!