Monday, January 29, 2007

Lepaking Monday

Its a boring boring Monday.... Didn't get much sleep last night, and the night before that... so I'm all washed out today. And it being a typical slow moving Monday doesn't help much either.

So I decided to sneak (or is that snake) out to the other side of the building and promptly plomp myself in one of 'em rest and relax areas and browse the net. And since I have nothing much to tell you about my life over the past week, I'll just share a pic of where i'm blogging from now...

Update: Boss just called. Need to settle some stuff. Signing off for now with my Snickers almond bar.... Yum.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

5 Things You Don't Know About Me

.... and probably don't want to either. But since I was tagged by Takdir Punya Sampan, here goes la...

1. When in Standard 2, I enrolled for martial arts lessons in school, ie Tang Soo Do (a form of Korean martial arts, though not as popular as Tae Kwan Do). I continued lessons till I was Form 1 whereby I passed the grade of brown belt. Each grading / test that we went thru to go the next level consisted of formation movements, free-sparring and breaking of tiles / bricks. I didnt have any real reason why I stopped lessons, I guess I just got bored of kicking people's ass.

2. When I was 17, I raced motorbikes. Illegally. Not for money or girls, but more for bragging rights. A couple of us from the same school would go head on with dudes from other schools, normally early Sat mornings when traffic was sparse. I had a kapchai (Yamaha 110 SS) where I tuned it to a max of 175km/h, and we would race WITHOUT helmets. Thinking back now, I guess we were PRETTY DAMN stupid to perform such stunts.

3. I don't eat rice in soup. Rice with soup is ok, rice swimming IN soup is not. Some people pour soup over their rice if they find the rice to be dry or hard.... I just eat it even so. Never never pour soup into my rice. Period.

4. I'm inked. Tattoed. Both arms in fact. And my tattoes mean a lot to me. One is a guardian angel depicting protection for my loved ones; another is symbolic of my marriage.

5. I'm scared shit of cold-blooded reptiles / animals. My hair stands on its ends if I ever cross paths with snakes. No joke, I shiver just thinking of them.

So that's 5 items that just made you know the Bunny Dude better. And since I'm supposed to continue the tagging thingy (I think); I hereby tag Chris.

P/S (edits): Due to extremely demanding request by Bee; the proof of the pudding is in the tattooing. Haha... Btw, for what its worth, tattooing is mainstream now, and not something to fear or loathe...

Guardian angel

Symbolism of marriage

Friday, January 05, 2007

Its that time of the year again...

Oh yes it is.... So before the 1st week of the year comes to a close, let me make my 2007 resolutions... and I hope by publicly resolving, I will be able to say proudly on 31st December 2007 that I kept my resolutions... Here we go.

1. I resolve to lose 5kgs (and i'm not gonna specify from which part of my body)
2. I resolve to spend more time with family and friends
3. I resolve to improve in the fields that I am pursuing, be it work or leisure
4. I err.... resolve to... err... i dunno...

So I'll just stop at 3 for 2007. Shouldn't have much problem I guess. Wish me luck.