Friday, June 29, 2007

Eugenobot vs Jaclynticon

We watched the premiere of Transformers last night!! Courtesy of DiGi: Always the smarter choice...

I managed to snag meself a couple of VIP passes to the premiere at 9.20pm at Cineleisure from me boss; and J and yours truly had the time of our life... It was actually our very 1st premiere attendance, as we're the kinda people who prefer to let the crowds cool down first for any big screenings and only watch the movie like 2 weeks later.

Tho, with DiGi being the main sponsor of the show and me knowing that DiGi always make things fun, we decided to lap it all up. Got there at approx 9.10pm and was promptly ushered into the preview lounge where there were finger food and drinks awaiting us...

We had VIP-Transformers stickers on to show the ushers who we were..

Damn syiok wei.. We got ourselves a goodie bag with transformers toys, some handphone accessories and posters...

We also had VIP treatment in that we got to go into the viewing halls first and promptly plopped our asses onto comfy couple seats... Movie started at approx 9.30pm and ended late at about 11.51pm...

There was supposed to be some Q&A session with chances to win freebies and more Transformers toys, but we decided it was pretty late already as we are seriously 2 old farts who need our beauty sleep.... So that was it... Movie was thoroughly enjoyable and thumbs up to DiGi for a premiere well organized!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Done and Dusted

Pain. Pain. And even more pain. That's what I'm feeling now. More specifically, since Sunday morning. The pain and soreness has slowly ebbed away since then, but its gonna take some time before I can walk up the stairs normally again... And prob a week before the corn/blister the size of Manhattan on my right sole is healed... I'm actually walking like a duck now, according to my colleague. Yea right. YOU try running the bridge.

Cut to the chase.... I completed the 22.3km within the time limits and put to rest the fiasco of my Shah Alam 10km run no-show thingy (so don't EVER mention it again)... And to cap it all off, my last 5kms were spent walking (I just couldn't put more than 4 running steps together) in agonizing pain due to severe cramping in my left leg, my right leg, my ass, my chest and my back. I suspect it was due to severe dehydration and lack of REAL fitness. Lesson learnt: Never attempt to run a 1/2 marathon (much less a full one) if you're 20 pounds overweight.

My race number

In fact, the run started off smooth, and I was pounding the tarmac like nobody's business. I think thats where the problem started, I went out too fast too soon. At the Prai turn on mainland side, I started to feel the effects... short of breath and gasping for water. I was way within my target time at the halfway distance, but then it was downhill all the way... (my performance, not the route)...

8kms to go, and I was jolted by spasms in my left shin akin to 8.5 on the Richter scale. I slowed to a walk and stopped at the next medical station to get some liniment and ice. Rubbed the shin down a while and continued running... 7kms or so to go, and my right thigh cramped, together with my left calf. Limping to the side, I stretched the affected muscles and walked to the next med station to get some temp relief.

.....Continued running (more like jogging / shuffling from then on) till about the 17km mark when my chest and back started going into spasms. It was like electric pulses searing thru my nipples and I frantically pulled my arms back to try and stretch my chest as much as I could.... calves and thighs started cramping again and I was literally reduced to walking the last 5kms.

Time was running out and all sorts of negative thoughts rushed thru my tired mind. I was trying to concentrate on the songs churning in my ipod, but little voices kept shutting them out... "Shit, you've come this far and can't finish in time???"... "You're such a loser!!"... "You should have gone running instead of that bloody dim sum breakfast last weekend"... "You're the definition of embarassment, you fat ass!!!".... Your mind does play tricks on you when you're dead exhausted...

However, I guess the fast start had a silver lining as well... Becos, with all the walking and slowing down at the end of the race, I still managed to meet the qualifying time for a certificate and a finisher's medal. Upon crossing the finish line, I headed straight to the replenishment booth and gulped down 9 cups of isotonic drinks. Liquid never ever tasted sooooo GOOD!!!

Half-marathon finisher's medal

Proof of finishing within stipulated time

My faithful companion...

I'm sure as hell not proud of my timing of 2:50:33 (which is 5 mins more than my target) but I'm real proud of my effort in the face of adversity... and pain!!!

I'm definitely going to do this again next year; who's game to join me???


According to RunnersWorld, I lost 1826 calories that morning. Now, that's a LOT of Dim Sum!!!!

And.... this is what my foot looks like now... Corns on my sole and my toe. Bloody hurts.

Don't gross yourself out

Yes, I know. I got meself a deformed toe.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Bottom Line. Finish Line.

My target on Sunday?

2 hrs 45 mins.

Hope I don't get a tummy-ache on km 11. Other than that, I should be OK.

Over n out.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Heaven on Earth

We've been up to our necks with expansion plans and capacity upgrade projects since the beginning of 2007 and not a single week passes by without some form of obstacle or roadblock...

With the number of problems and issues arising during the course of ALL the projects that we're running in our building, guess what remedial measures the vendors and contractors came up with?









No shit.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Speed Junkie

Vrooomm... vrooommm... This is probably the closest I will ever get to imagining myself as an F1 driver... Guess wat... I karted for the very first time today, and courtesy of a departmental outing. Yeap, 2 departments in my division teamed up to organize a go-kart outing at the Shah Alam stadium circuit this afternoon, and boy was I so so excited.

So excited to the extent I wanted to do well in my 1st time behind the wheel on a miniature race car running on a grass-cutting machine engine. All 80cc of raw chugging power. So I asked the car-dude Des for advice... He preached, "brake before the corner, drift into it and accelerate out.." So that became my mantra and my bible all thru the race..

There were abt 31 of us, and all of us were divided into 8 groups of 4 persons, with each person powering thru the circuit for 15 mins. Team with highest total laps combined at the end of 1 hour wins. Each lap is 1.1km and full of turns, including a 180 degree curve... It was designed to be like an endurance race where total distance completed wins.

I was the designated 1st driver for my team and in total completed 10 laps in 15 mins, with a best time of 1:26:xx per lap. Damn syiok wei!! With the wind blowing, the tires gripping the tarmac and the roar of the engine above the din of the supporters; it was pure exhilirating and my adrenaline was pumping all through-out the 10 laps...

Thru the course of the race, I found out 1 VERY important thing. Go-karting favours the light and the small. Few times in the race, I was up against other racers who were smaller and lighter than me... and each and everytime on the straight, they would pull away effortlessly, altho I memang tekan maksimum!!! I guess every pound of flab counts. Probably if I weighed 10 pounds lighter, I would have had a better timing... Keke.

After my turn, I stayed out at the side of the circuit to cheer on my team-mates. You could see all sorts of antics and action, cos most of us were first timers... There were spins and skids, but luckily nobody crashed into the tire walls...

Our team tried hard, and in the end, finished 2nd!!! From bottom. Muahahahahaha!!!!

I am definitely going to do this again!!!

Friday, June 08, 2007


Can't believe its 9 years today!! Love you J! Muaks.

Monday, June 04, 2007


Oh why oh why, be this my life?
In spite of all, nothing does jive,
SO much pain, and all to worry,
To the extent, my ass grow furry.

My shoulders are tense, my head just rocks,
My mind's a mess, I can't find my socks;
I'm late to work, my boss is amok,
And everyone around me, just talks cock.

My work is routine, its boring me out,
I sit at my place, and I sulk and pout;
My colleagues avoid me, cos I smell like shit,
Running late, forgot to spray the arm-pit.

I sit by meself, and chat on Yahoo,
But nobody replies, I'm all boohoo;
Screw the world, I don't need no one,
I'll just go out and have my own fun.

I waste 8 hours, doin nuts in office,
Its unethical, but I dun give a piss;
Time to go home, to relax n destress,
I'll just go running, this cure's the best.

Lace up my shoes, and head out the door,
3 bloody steps out, and i fall on the floor,
Damn banana peel, whats it doin there?
And now my shorts, has a great big tear.

Too lazy to change, my bum is exposed,
I dun give a damn, tho my butt is not closed;
And when I run, they jiggle and wiggle,
That's why all the aunties, they laugh and they giggle.

At least its airy, I dun need dri-fit,
Why pay so much, when I have custom kit;
Dun let Nike know, they might steal my style,
And all marathoners can run a faster mile.

After I finish, I just dun feel better,
Only my clothes, are a real lot wetter,
My body feels sore, and my knees are weak,
In fact I feel nothin, down to my d!ck.

I just wish and pray, the day would end,
And tomorrow will start, with a better trend,
But life is such, we cannot forsee,
Tho things can't get worse, than they already be!!