Sunday, December 31, 2006

Bye Bye 2006, Hello 2007!!

Tis the last day of year 2006... Much has happened over the last 52 weeks... some joyous and memorable, some better left forgotten. So whats in store for 2007?? More unforgettable stuff? Or forgettable ones?

I'm pretty sure it will be an interesting mix, but for 2007, I'm gonna take things a wee bit slower after a whirlwind 2006; which included getting married, moving house, changing jobs, undergoing surgery and embarking on new ventures...

Its a countdown to 2007, with slightly more than 3 hours to go... I'll be at home with the Mrs at the stroke of midnight, probably catching CSI (yea, i've lost the freedom to get squeezed between a crowd of nubile chicks counting down the clock on new year's eve...) and then getting some well deserved rest at the end of the year.

I'll sign off my last post of 2006 to my faithful readers and friends with......

Happy New Year and have a Blessed and Wonderful 2007 !!

Friday, December 22, 2006


Sneak preview ahead... (Say la sneak, but got >5 photos also.. =P) Photos taken during our wedding luncheon at the Palace Beach and Spa Resort @ Mines. Shots were taken by our wedding photographer, Ben Foong. You guys can check him out at Benjamin Foong Photography. The rest of the photos will be posted later, will maybe put up the whole set on Kodak, or Flickr or Fotopages.. See la how.

See if you can spot your face above. If not, let me know and I'll search for you. =D

More pics in 2007! Wait for it!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

What to write? What to write?

Since my boss is on leave today, I also saja saja typed my blogspot URL into Explorer in my office and ... mother of all surprises.... managed to get thru the firewall!!! So faster faster (and double triple faster) update here... Though I also dunno what is it I should update...

Ok, some Bali honeymoon pics to share la.... (trying my damndest to upload really huge Terapixels into photobucket)

Sunset collage...

Retail therapy... see how she shines? =P

Quaint little shop selling prints / paintings...

Some tourist place called Goa Gajah with some Pura and your typical tour guide.

Yea.... was at Mines - Palace Beach & Spa Resort for our honeymoon suite stay over last weekend and the place was fab... you know fab? Fab means the bathroom is bigger than my condo master bedroom!!! And the balcony is bigger than my condo balcony!!! And the bathtub is bigger than my condo's lack of bathtub!! And you know what kinda action goes on in big bathtubs?? Lots of action!!

And the view? Awesome.

Btw, will be going up to PG over the Christmas weekend, to visit my grampy and granny. Been quite a while since I saw them, close to 168 days I think.. Bet they're missing their all grown up grandson. And NEW OFFICIAL grand-daughter-in-law... (now that's a mouthful) =D

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Aftermath & A Summary

Phew! Its finally all over isn't it? Even the luncheon. And it wasn't easy by the way. Did you know that I got more than 8 calls during (and before) the luncheon asking me directions on how to get to Mines Palace Beach & Spa? And a couple of people actually didn't attend cos they got lost!! All in all, we had 18 empty seats; and that just goes to show that however well you prepare and look things over, stuff could just go wrong anyway....

Well, the photos aren't ready yet and Ben (our photographer) has promised to give me the photos as soon as he can. Blame it on December being a wedding month and Christmas and New Year's and all that. Ben has been top-notch throughout the time I have known him, preparing diligently and even taking the initiative to make a personal trip to the hotel to check the place out in advance. Real pro I'd say. Can't wait for the photos. Bet they're great too.

You must be wondering why I haven't blogged in a while. Well, its partly becos of the wedding goings-on and the fact that my company has FIREWALLED blogspot!!! Screw it! I can't access my blog from office anymore. Access denied. So my posts are gonna be even more infrequent, and pictures are gonna be even more sparse. Until I get Streamyx at my condo, I guess. Which by the way, could be a long long way away.

So, what's next to look forward to? A kid? Maybe 2? I think that in life, there are several phases/stages/steps that a baby/boy/dude/man/uncle has to go thru...
1. Pee standing up for the 1st time
2. Sprout pubic hair and facial hair
3. Ermmm.... self-pleasure activity for the 1st time
4. Get rejected by the opposite sex
5. Finish high school/college/uni
6. Get a job
7. Own property/car
8. Get married
9. Have kid(s)
10. Retire from job
11. Start balding
12. Wear specs (this could start early too)
13. Cradle the first grandchild
14. Forget stuff all the time
15. Wear diapers again
16. Wish it would stand again 1 last time

I'm up to number 8 already. Thats halfway thru. What about you?

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Mr & Mrs Teoh

Whoa! It has been a hell of a ride.... A whirlwind journey I'm never gonna go thru again (not that I'm allowed to anyway... =p). Well, there you have it; I'm officially a married man, both legally and traditionally. And J's now Mrs Teoh.... Ahahahhahahaha.... YAM SENG to me !!!!

Just touched down from Denpasar late last evening and spent the whole night unpacking and running thru my hottymoon photographs... will upload 'em later when I can, just be contented with some shots of my pre-wedding and wedding day ceremonies first ya!!

Pre-wedding ceremony at bride's house

Wedding dinner and ceremony

Super-duper tired after all the preparation, anxiety, anticipation, euphoria and rushing around... even Bali was a hyper-dyper rush. Should have planned a longer stay and more loafing around...

Neways, if you've never been there, do make it a point to go, place is worth a 2nd visit for me, and the sunsets are breath-taking. But so is the weather.

Well, nothings perfect. Except my life for now. I think.