Saturday, March 24, 2007

Heroes: Revisited

Damnit. I just can't get enough of this show!! Waiting for Starworld every Wed at 9pm and having to wait for an episode a week was enough to kill me... To the extent that I had my brother download whatever episode he could; and so far we've got up to Ep 18. (WARNING: Spoilers ahead)

Supposedly normal everyday people harbouring superpowers just gives me the kicks. It gives the impression that they could be amongst us; maybe, just maybe that cute chiq in Finance can read my mind every time I look at her, or maybe that old uncle selling wan tan mee can boil soup with his bare hands... I mean, what's not to like about them characters in Heroes? They're not like Superman or Fantastic Four who dress the part and know exactly what to do and how to save the world. Some of them do not even know how to control their powers, and others do not even want to use them...

So for the benefit of those who did not watch or are not watching this series, here's a quick rundown on the characters and some comments...

Name: Hiro
Power: Ability to stop time and traverse thru space continuum
Quick info: Nerdy Japanese who is a comic relief in this series. I root for him EVERYTIME!!
Who would want his power: Mid-life crisis sufferers.

Name: Claire
Power: Natural regeneration; indestructible
Quick info: Pretty cheerleader who's not very sociable and has family problems.
Who would want her power: Wildlife wardens.

Name: Peter Petrelli
Power: Ability to absorb and use everybody else's powers after coming into contact with them
Quick info: Male nurse who's shy and lives in the shadow of his brother.
Who would want his power: Presidents all over the world

Name: Nathan Petrelli
Power: Ability to fly
Quick info: Peter's elder brother and congressman.
Who would want his power: Jet-setting businessmen on a budget

Name: Isaac
Power: Can paint the future
Quick info: Fighting for the affections of the same girl with Peter
Who would want his power: Lilian Too and Joey Yap?

Name: Niki / Jessica
Power: (This one really eludes me) Dr Jekyll and Ms Hyde
Quick info: Internet stripper who's got a split personality
Who would want her power: Beats me.

Name: DL Hawkins
Power: Ability to move thru solid objects
Quick info: Niki's husband
Who would want his power: Professional bank robbers

Name: Micah
Power: Ability to manipulate electronic equipment
Quick info: Genius kid with problematic parents
Who would want his power: Intel/Altera/Motorola/Nokia/Siemens/Samsung service engineers

Name: Matt Parkman
Power: Ability to read people's thoughts
Quick info: Police officer and husband to a cheating wife
Who would want his power: Men who want to understand women

Name: The Haitian
Power: Can erase people's memory
Quick info: Works for Claire's father
Who would want his power: Men with one-night-stands

Name: Sylar
Power: Ability to absorb other people's powers, but after killing them
Quick info: Supervillian serial killer who's searching for everybody with powers to bump them off and take their powers
Who would want his power: Hitler

So there you have it. A simple premise (saving the world) but a very addictive series nonetheless.... I can't wait for episode 19.

(Pictures courtesy of Zahrah)

Friday, March 16, 2007

What the Weather??

Its damn bloody hot wei!! And it has been so for the last 1 week or so. But only on the first half of the day.... cos come evening, it bloody hell pours!!! Its like wrong timing la, for crying out loud!

Mornings and lunch time when I have to walk between offices and go out for makan, it shines like there's no tomorrow. Scorching hot some more. After lunch, I'd look like a tired wet dog. Wet with sweat.

Half an hour before I'm due to go home, the clouds open and pee on us. And its no lil wee wee you know, its like drinking 3 gallons of water a day and letting go only a week later. Wahliu, like that how can??

And when its time to sleep, its damn well super-duper humid. I'd sweat just lying there (and there's no bed action involved either).

If Mother Nature is having her PMS, I'm hoping she gets pregnant soon.