Monday, August 28, 2006

Party People in D'House - Episode #2

From the preparations to the REAL thing people!! Massive hype and expectations had been shrouding D'House for the past week, and its all here now....

5:30pm - The cooks started lighting their woks, the ushers started getting people in place and the DiGizens started getting restless. There were some mini presentations in front of the lobby to get the people in the mood..

Kids playing with fireworks... Dhalsim wannabes.

Peacocks and red indians strutting their stuff

5:45pm - The ladies washrooom was full to the brim with everybody getting ready to morph... (by the way, I didn't actually see the ladies' room filled to the brim for myself; tho I wud have loved to...)

I think they came to the wrong place. Graduation party is down the street

6:00pm - Drizzle. Damn.

6:15pm - The office areas started to become a ghost office. Nobody around anymore. Everybody was partying downstairs!!

People were everywhere....

And everywhere....

Yes, we even had el' bleus...

6:23pm - Yours truly joined the parade!!

6:30pm - Rain. Wretched rain.

7:00pm - Disco dance floor started rocking as booze started flowing.

DJ in D'House!!

Before the sun went down..

After the sun went down...

7:27pm - Downpour dammit. What was the bloody bomoh doing?

I suppose "The Blue Company" hired the stronger rainman

7:42pm - Finished my last piece of roti jala.

7:59pm - Decided to go home. Rain was incessant. I was incensed.

And pray what did I morph myself into you ask??


Friday, August 25, 2006

Party People in D'House!!! - Episode #1

That's right people!! We're having a P.A.R.T.Y tonight!! a P.A.R.T.Y tonight!!! a P.A.R.T.Y tonight!!!

Its opening ceremony for D'House, and we're gonna make it a night to remember. There's gonna be booze, birds and boat-loads of solid good food.... Everyone's in party mood today, looking forward to the music, gala and fun all night long.

Check out the party poser....

And the whole building is undergoing a metamorphosis; all in readiness for tonight. The calling for tonight? = Metamorpho ..... So I bet we're gonna see reincaranations of Elvis, Freddy Kreuger, Marilyn Monroe and Osama bin Laden...

Huge balloons everywhere!

Main stage and tents out in the open..

Banners hung all over the place screaming - PARTY!!

Keep you people posted on tonight!!!! I'm gonna go have some FUN!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

D'House Treasure Hunt !!!

Expect the unexpected! That's the battle cry for people working in this company (ie. company I'm working in). So, on a bright, not so sunny afternoon that was yesterday, my department organized a treasure hunt, within the office, during working hours!

A motley crew of close to 130 of us dressed up in t-shirts of paddle pop colours, ran around the office, trying to solve super easy clues. But well, it wasn't all smooth sailing tho, there was this one clue where we had to locate this particular guy, and he wouldn't pick up our calls and nobody knew where he was to be found. And this guy kept moving around the office, even to the extent of gettin into his car and driving around the multi-storey car park!! The culmination of it all was a splendid BBQ dinner at the cafe by the waterfall in the glow of the setting sun.... Wah liu!!

Before that, typical presentation and announcement of winners was made (winning team got to date the Head of Dept...Ack ack). My team didn't get on the rostrum, but I was a winner nevertheless. I "won" some friends, and I guess at the end of the day, that's what's most important. :-)

Paddle pop-pians Listening intently to the confusing instructions

I feel like a 5 year old again

The winning team.... Movie date with the big guy

BBQ time!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

A Lazy Weak-End

J and myself don't normally have much for dinner. But we do enjoy the occasional "try something new", especially on weekends. So it was on last Fri nite that we decided to head on to Taipan, USJ for some Korean BBQ.

I seriously don't remember what we ordered in Korean, but it was to the tune of barbecued marinated pork in special sauce, some glass noodles thingy and of course, loads and loads of kimchi. (Maybe MT can help out on the naming convention..)

I wouldn't say the food was par excellence, nor was it par non-excellence... it was just par alright. Ambience was good, service top notch and the place was packed like sardines. Yeap, it was a classic case of people waiting to get a seat. My ratings you ask? Out of 5 stars, I'd give:

Food: ***
Ambience: ****
Service: *****
Price: @#$&@

Btw, J went up to PG over the weekend for some work, so I was left all alone. And as they say, when the cat's away, the mice come out to play... :-p

But I'll skip all the play, dun want the pussy to find out now, do we?

Something else worth noting. I was on the way to KLIA to pick J up on Sun, and the stretch of highway was open and clear. So, lightly touching the accelerator, I started to ease past 115km/h, as I was about to touch 120km/h; this monster of a humongous trailer barreled past me, on the slow(?) lane, and I was unable to stay with him, even at 120km/h.

No kidding. Check out my speedometer.

How many times have you seen this happening on our highways? Especially express buses. I remember when I was in Uni, going home for the festive season, having to take a night express bus; it was a "fear for your life" ride and wondering whether I would live to collect angpows. And since I'm still living to GIVE out angpows, these people must have damn solid driving skills, or SomeOne somewhere loves me a lot.

Come to think of it, I could be a bus driver.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

How long do you need?

Bear with me. This post is picture / photo-free and may get a bit boring if you're the visual kinda person. So if you fall into the category mentioned above, do yourself a favour and jump into the river; what are you doing reading my blog anyway???

Introductions aside, a thought hit me this morning as I was walking to my car. Just to prep myself for work takes up an hour (yea... 1 full hour) of my day of my life. And that doesn't include the snoozing alarm part yet. Am I taking too long to get ready for work? Or is everybody else the same?

My daily morning routine reads:
1. Sit up in bed (sometimes fall back on and sigh heavily)
2. Walk out the bedroom and open the windows
3. Put water to boil
4. Grab towel and wash / bathe / poop (occasionally)*
5. Towel down, slap on deodorant, spray pour homme stuff and gel hair
6. Put on underwear, shirt and pants... and belt
7. Wake J up (this could seriously take quite a while)
8. Make a cup of coffee, have bread / cereal
9. Wash utensils
10. Grab bag, put on socks and shoes
11. Walk out of door and to car

Steps 1 to 11 take up a whole 60 mins. I do not have any means of comparison, but am I a slow coach; or am I a quick bunny?

You tell me. How long do you need?

*I'm not the kind of person who shits at the same time everyday and makes it a habit. Shitting shouldn't become a habit. Shit is spontaneous and it should stay that way. Shit rules.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Rainy Days

Lunchtime rain.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Of Sniffing Asses

I'm sick of this. Sick to death. Every single morning. And evening.

Call it what you want. Bumper to bumper. Bonnet to boot. Face to ass. Head - butt. (And no I'm not talking about you, Zidane)

I lose 1 precious hour of my life every single day putting my nose to other peoples' asses. That's like what... 5% of my life spent smelling butts? That sucks. Big time.

But look on the bright side. Sometimes I get to look at a cute rear up close. And if I get close enough, I get to peek under their skirt-ing.

On top of that, somebody somewhere is also stuck with his face in my bottom.

And I for one know, it don't smell good.

Rantings of a tired ol Vios.